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Diane Stover is Co-Founder of NE Ohio Values Voters. She is retired as an IT/Security Risk Management professional. Mrs. Stover serves on the boards of Cleveland Right to Life and the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio. She is active in her church and leads a women's support and prayer ministry. 
Diane is a mother and grandmother.


John Stover is Co-Founder of NE Ohio Values Voters. He is a business owner and is retired as an IT/Security Auditor for a major healthcare provider. Mr. Stover ran two campaigns for State Representative in 1980 and 1982 and a third race for Parma City Council (Ohio's seventh largest city) in 1991, where he served for twelve years.  As a councilman, John was the primary sponsor of many resolutions that were sent to federal and state representatives to support pro-life and pro-family values legislation. He serves as Deacon and Trustee at his church. A father and grandfather, he and his wife, Diane, live in Parma, Ohio.  


NE Ohio Values Voters has led pro-life and pro-marriage marches in downtown Cleveland; rallied concerned citizens to speak against comprehensive sex-education at school board meetings; and stood against pornography on the internet at libraries; and against transgender bathroom legislation at Cleveland City Hall.


John and Diane have been interviewed by radio and television stations and newspapers as they “stand up” for Christian values.   Diane uses her technology skills to send messages and alerts through emails and social media.  The organization interviews, surveys, and endorses candidates who are “solid with no-compromise” in their support of Christian values and have made a difference by electing conservatives into office. 

Article about John Stover "Connection Magazine" 2002