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Our Mission
Our purpose is to educate, inform, and influence voters and elected officials in Northeast Ohio. Our mission is to be the most influential values voters network in
Northeast Ohio. 

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Join us Saturday, January 21 at Noon at Benedictine High School
Join Area Clergy as we March & Pray For Life!
  • Dress Warmly & Bring the Family!
  • March for Life with NE Ohio Values Voters and Cleveland Right to Life!
  • Route: Starts at Noon at Benedictine High School to Preterm and back
  • Indoor Program: 12:45-3pm at Benedictine HS Auditorium   


    We Vote Values:
    Faith, Life, Marriage, Family,
    and Religious Liberty.
    We are independent of any political party or religious organization.
    NE Ohio Values Voters is a registered 501(c)(4) organization.

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    Four Supreme Court Judges said NO to the majority decision on same-sex marriage.  Read their dissenting opinions here:

    SCOTUS Dissent


    Mailing Address:
    7965 Ironwood Circle
    Parma, OH 44129